Main Title.
:Joey the Wunda-Dawg:
Well, looks like you've become interested in the true essence of a wonder dog. Joey has been around since about 1995, and has been causing torment across the lands in order to become ruler upon high, taking the throne of true dog'ness.

Beginning his taskforce in early 2000 when becoming a permanent residence of his house in burwood, he's been battling against the forces of "The menacing cat next door" and the "BackYard Birds from Hell"

Joey has represented skill that surpasses that of most canine's with his keen sense of backyard guarding stamina <tm>, and ability to track small plastic toys for days on end.

Cries of 'sector 4, clear!' can be heard echo'ing from his residence, as he secures the premises to the best of his ability. For this, he has received many awards in the fields of sniper-dawg <tm> and stealthpup 2000 <tm>.

Look through his photos, you'll see, just why he's the wunda-dawg.

Over time, Joey has been subjected to many photos, below is a small collection of the good ones. If you want to give an opinion on the small dog, please visit the Contact Page, and your quote will be added to the page.

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